About Us




The KOREA-US Cultural Exchange Foundation (KORUS Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in San Francisco, California. The Foundation’s mission is to promote the exchange of ideas, information, art, and other aspects of culture and education between the two countries and their peoples in order to foster mutual understanding. In an increasingly globalized and interdependent world, the ability to understand and embrace the different values and needs of diverse cultures and societies becomes ever more important. It can strengthen relationships, enhance socio-cultural cooperation, and promote national interests between the two nations.



In 2013, the US and South Korea celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the two nations’ alliance. For six decades since the conclusion of the Korean War, the US-Korea Alliance has served as an anchor for stability, security, and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula. Today, Korea has moved forward from political and economic stability to generating a cultural phenomenon known as Hallyu or K-Wave, the expansion of the Korean culture throughout the world. As we look forward to another 60 years of strong partnership, such deliberate efforts of cultural exchange by the KORUS Foundation shall ensure respect and recognition of cultural diversity and heritage.


Core Areas of Focus

    • Promote Korean culture to the American public in the U. S. through a broad spectrum of art exhibitions, performances, workshops, and cultural events. The Connect2Korea, a networking group for those who love Korean culture, is our main focus to achieve this goal.
    • Increase awareness among the people in the US and Korea about the Foundation’s mission and vision and invite collaboration and participation. We can achieve it by coordinating closely with key educational and cultural institutions in the U.S. and Korea
  • Empowering youth to make positive decisions for healthy and successful lives. We believe in “Youth Today, Leaders Tomorrow.” We offer workshops, seminars, camps, and events for rich multi-cultural and learning experiences to empower participants and build self-confidence, leadership skills, and positive decision making practice for future success.